Message 1 - Welcome

Welcome to a year that will change your life.

"Your Soul is aware of so much more than your ego-mind or body could ever understand. Become well acquainted with your higher knowing and rely upon its unfailing guidance. Your Soul is, after all, your truest friend." ~ The Ancient Ones

Welcome to A Year to Awaken Your Soul!

We are Jack and Stacey Stephens, and we are truly delighted to share the wisdom of The Ancient Ones with you! You are about to embark on a journey of Awakening! These messages, channeled over the course of over seven years by Stacey, will support you through a year-long process of transformation.

How will your life change as these messages “slow-drip” through your consciousness over the next 365 days? That is up to you. However, we are confident that if you’ll allow the energy and the teachings to percolate deeply through your conscious and subconscious mind, you will shift into a higher way of perceiving and living.

So welcome! You are about to awaken to the magic and mystery of your truest Self, your Soul Self!



This course comprises 365 daily messages. Most messages focus on a single topic such as Compassion, Perception, Mysticism, Manifesting, etc. Each message varies in topic and length and contains questions to ponder throughout the day. Over the course of the year, you will explore many subjects from the perspective of your Soul. By the end of this course, you will have tried on, practiced and applied much wisdom. This, in itself, will change your outlook and fuel your growth.

These daily messages are a steady stream of spiritual truths that remind you of who you truly are. Each message builds, one upon another, so that your spiritual practice is deepened and strengthened over time. Sometimes a message will confirm what you feel you’ve known all along. At other times, it will challenge you to expand and grow.

We recommend that you try on the concepts as if they were true to see how they feel. Seek any comfortable feeling. If something is not comfortable, sit with the resistance and find out why. Be curious. It's OK if you feel uncomfortable when a belief is triggered. It's your choice to accept it or not.

While we've organized this as a daily, year-long course, we encourage you to do it in your own time. There is no pressure to get it done. So, relax and enjoy the journey of awakening, however long that may take.



These guidelines will help you gain the most from your experience:

  • Find a consistent time that works for you. For some people, early morning is best. For others, right before bed is ideal. Figure out which works best for you.
  • Read 3 times (if possible). First, in the normal way you're accustomed to. Then, aloud as if reading to someone else. Finally, in a state of openness and receptivity to truly and deeply understand.
  • Pause, reflect, and move forward. This is a feast spread out across a year. Savor each dish of wisdom, each stage of the feast. You may wish to meditate on a message for a while. Then, move on to the next one. Be mindful. If you race too fast you'll miss the subtleties that enrich the meal. Take your time. However, don't get bogged down if you can't process it all right away. Key concepts are repeated throughout the course. There's some natural repetition of core principles that will help you digest them more completely over time. Find the pace that works for you, keep your momentum, and gain the full nutrition. If you find your pace slowing to a crawl, that's OK. Catch up slowly as time permits.
  • Keep a journal. We highly recommend you get a notebook, blank book, or journal. Use it to write down the insights, questions, visions, or patterns that emerge as you ponder the messages. It can be fun and useful to reflect upon your entries and note your progress. Be sure to highlight those pages that are especially inspiring.
  • Enjoy! You have a magnificent Soul. Enjoy your journey of Awakening!




  • When does the course start? This course starts when you do: the day you signed up. It doesn't matter if it's the beginning of a calendar year, the last day of summer, or in the middle of a random month. The 365 lessons are exactly the same, and will take you on a journey, one day at a time.

  • If I feel ready, can I jump ahead and read more than the day's message? Yes. The beauty of this course is that the messages become available one at a time. You are free to revisit any messages that precede the day's message, and you may move forward once you mark a message as complete. Take the time to digest each one and find the pace that works for you.

  • What happens if I have to leave town and can't attend to some of the messages? The course is portable. Take it with you wherever you go. We designed the course to be desktop/laptop/tablet and mobile friendly. As long as you have an internet or data connection you can access it from your smartphone's web browser. And, if circumstances prevent you from moving forward for any reason, you can easily pick up later where you left off. Think of it as an elastic year.

  • What is the difference between this course and your Messages from The Ancient Ones book series? Are they the same? While both resources include the Messages from The Ancient Ones in sequence, this course takes you on a 365-day journey of awakening at a slow and deliberately mindful pace. Though both stand alone and can be enjoyed separately, we recommend you begin your yearlong journey with this online course, and when it's over, give yourself the gift of the books to refresh and maintain your Soul Self. The books will revisit the teachings and, as they refresh your initial experience, you'll be more ready and able to receive. They will give you a fresh perspective on how far you've come and new perspective to take you where you want to be going. At the end of the course, you will not be the same person you were when you started. That said, for those of you who feel that this course is too "slow," the BOOKS may provide the faster growth that you've been looking for this year. If so, don't hesitate to add them to your library now. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE


Are you ready?

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Rich Blessings,   Jack and Stacey and The Ancient Ones


"Your true power lies within your Soul." ~ The Ancient Ones